1st Human Head Transplant Will Take Place In Happy New Year 2017


The Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero grabbed the world’s attention this past winter when he announced his plans to perform the 1st human head transplant. Many doubted that such an outrageous procedure would ever see the light of day. Now, Canavero has a date on the books.

A 30 year old Russian scientist Valery Spiridonov is set to become the world’s 1st head transplant patient in the month December . Spiridonov suffers from rare genetic muscle wasting condition known as the Werdnig Hoffmann disease. There’s currently no known treatment.

As you might not want to imagine, the procedure will be filled with challenges or uncertainties. There’s the hair raising possibility that the head will reject the body or vice versa. The spinal cord might not fuse properly. Even if all goes well, there is  no telling whether Spiridonov’s mental capacities & personality will be remain the same. He is entering totally uncharted medical territory.

Then again, a successful human head transplant could open doors in terms of restoring the independence to severely disabled people. And to Spiridonov the risks are value it.

“when I realised that I could participate in something really big or important, I had no doubt left in my mind and started to work in this direction, ” Spiridonov told the Central European News. “The only thing I feel is the sense of pleasant that is impatience, like I have been preparing for something important all my life and it is starting to happen.”

Happy New Year 2017